Some Of What We Do

Dripping spout.

Water plumbing

There are many different types of taps, from standard taps with jumper valves, (or washers), to ceramic disc taps, flickmixers, wall mixers, sensor taps and the list goes on. Some are easier to repair than others.
We can handle all of your tap repairs and installations and anything else plumbing related, such as dishwasher, waste disposal, water filter installations and irrigation. 
Locating and repairing burst water pipes in walls, under floors or underground is a big part of the job.

Flushing toilet.

Toilet repair and installation

Like taps, there are many different types of toilets and other sanitary fixtures. Consequently, there are countless different parts required to repair them.
While we carry a lot of different parts, we don’t replace valves for no reason and in most cases can repair a lot of toilet leaks with a new washer or part.
We can repair your existing toilets or install new ones if required.
If you wish to replace your toilet and don’t want to alter the drainage and water inlet location, you have to choose a toilet that will fit your set-out. We can help with that so that you don’t purchase the wrong suite.

Rheem Heat Pump.

Hot water

We repair and/or install most types of gas and electric water heaters, including storage heaters, continuous flow gas water heaters, instantaneous gas and electric water heaters and heat pumps.  
We can replace faulty thermostats and elements in electric units, burners and thermocouples in gas units and any faulty or leaking valves.

Gas burner, alight.


Gas fitting is an essential part of our trade and we can help you with any requirements you may have.
This may include the installation of stoves, cooktops and gas hot water heaters. You may require one or more extra gas bayonet points throughout the house to connect your room heaters to. 
Perhaps you need a gas leak located and repaired. 
We are ready to help. Just contact us.


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