Gas leaks

Do you think or suspect you have a gas leak?

If you notice a strong gas smell and you can’t explain it, turn the gas off at your meter.

You can call your gas provider and they will send a serviceman. If the problem is not at your meter or in the inlet service to the meter, they will cap off your supply and advise you to call a plumber.

You can cut out the middleman and just call a plumber. SB Plumbing Services can troubleshoot, find and repair the fault for you.

If you just notice a hint of gas occasionally, you can take some troubleshooting steps yourself before calling us, if you like.

Make sure all gas appliances are not in use and take a photo of the gas meter digits.Gas meter reading.

While at the meter, if you notice any digits or dials moving, this indicates gas is flowing through the meter and you have a leak somewhere. No need for further testing, just call a plumber.

Sometimes the leak is so small that it takes a while to appear in the meter reading.

Take another photo 30 minutes later, or longer just to be sure, and compare the readings. If the digits have increased, there is a leak somewhere.

Note, if you have an appliance with a pilot light, such as a water heater, you have to turn the gas off at the appliance before performing this test. Don’t do this unless you are confident you can re-light the water heater or you will end up with no hot water.

You can spray valves and joints around the meter and on the inlet to appliances with soapy water. If there is a gas leak, the soapy solution will form a froth of bubbles.



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